Book a comic or band and they’ll leave with a pocket full of your hard earned money. But at The Comedy Train, we help you to attract new and repeat customers and donors so you can grow.
The Comedy Train is the perfect way to build a loyal fan base around your venture.

Comedy Train Concept

The Comedy Train does more than put on a great comedy show. It’s a recurring, branded series of comedy events that are easy, hilarious, and focused on helping you increase your following. We Are The Best at combining Comedy and Technology to help you make more money.

How we’ll help you

The Comedy Train concept is not a one off comedy show. It is a recurring comedy event. Most shows start by picking a place, putting up some fliers, and having the event. Want another show? then do it all over again. There is no continuity. No building of relationships or repeat customers. No branding.

Question: When you had your last event, did the talent help you collect email addresses? How well did they promote your venue on social media? Did they target a specific demographic that would actually enjoy a show at your venue? How about setting up a lead magnet to get customers in the door? Did they provide you with a promotional video to highlight your venue? Setup a payment system for you to capture customers online? If the answer is no, then we are the clear choice for you. This is what we do and we are The Best at What We Do.

Sounds too good to be true? Click here and see what we’ve done when we partnered up with event promoters, club, restaurant and bar owners like you.

How we do it

The folks at the Comedy Train are more than just great comedians. In fact, I am Comedian Dale Cover, the owner of the Comedy Train. In addition to being a capable comedian (Look me Up), I’ve spent 15 years in the computer biz and have created online marketing and sales programs. I’ve found a way to combine comedy and online marketing to produce and promote high quality events that will help you grow your following and put more money in your pocket. You’ll will not find this opportunity anywhere else.

Get Started Now

We do more than book shows. We do business. Funny business, that is that will get people in your door over and over again. Ready to make some money? Just contact us and get started today! Need more information? Head over to our FAQ.