Comedy @ 10 Rocks

10 Rocks Restaurant offers unique creative tapas dishes and a full bar with specialty cocktails. Having been drawn to it’s potential for hosting live comedy given it’s beautiful stage area, I partnered with 10 Rocks in early 2016 and continue to produce monthly comedy events.

Our first show was a success bringing in over 70 attendees on a Thursday night! We held fun raffles and collected email addresses from half of the attendees. Everyone leaves our shows having had a great time. Many follow us on social media giving the opportunity to continue engagement and we continue to entice them to come back to 10 Rocks for dinner and drinks or even another comedy show. They tell their friends and 10 Rocks’s is able to grow it’s fan base. Awesome!

Custom Fliers

These custom fliers were used to promote on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 6×4 were printed and placed on tables. 8.5 x 5.5 were printed as fliers to be hand delivered.

Promo video

Promo videos are a great way to showcase your venue and visualize having a great time.
Videos are used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Online Tickets

We setup online payment via Eventbrite to capture the ticket sale at the pont of interest.

List Building

We gave away gift certificates and bottles of wine and helped capture email addresses and to bring guests back for future events.

Lead Magnets

We’ve used paid social media to reach wider audiences directing them to our events with special promotions. This includes coupon creation, a landing page and online payment setup.


We do a weekly Video Podcast which reaches hundreds of your potential customers Every. Single. Week. We plugged upcoming 10 Rocks shows and put the buzz in peoples ear. Click here to subscribe!


We always take pictures during the event as a way of saying “You should’a been here!!”