Q. How is it different?

The Comedy Train concept is not a one time comedy show. It is a recurring series of comedy events. Regular comedy shows happen, and that’s it. The Comedy Train is entirely different. With the Comedy Train, your not hosting a single isolated event because The Comedy Train makes regular visits to your “Stop” and puts you on the map to be included in the overall marketing plan of The Comedy Train. When you join up with The Comedy Train, you are benefitting from its marketing and social reach.

Q. I make money by selling drinks and meals. How can this help me?

We help you get new and repeat customers in the door and make sure they leave happy. We’re talking comedy here folks. People leave comedy shows in very high spirits. Many will even follow on social media and tell their friends. And when someone comes back for dinner or even another show, they will most likely bring a friend or two, three or even ten! Now add that up! We do it all the time. Click here and see what we’ve done when we partnered up with event promoters, club, restaurant and bar owners like you.

Q. How does The Comedy Train promote my business?

The Comedy Train promotes heavily on social media and people know and love us. We are high quality content producers cranking out a weekly podcast and video skits that really have our audience engaged. When we promote your show, you’re showcased. We can also help with paid social and offline marketing such as fliers and posters. Whatever the need, this is what we do.

Q. How much does it cost?

Shows start at a very affordable price. This includes basic online promotion and talent. Reach more people with posters and fliers, promo videos, email list building, lead magnets and online ticket sales. Check here to see what we’ve done for 10 Rocks Tapas Bar and Restaurant.

Q. For a similar cost, couldn’t I can hire any comedian

Yup. You certainly can. But it’d be hard to find a comedian or group that can do what we do. We’re effectively a multi-media company, advertising agency and comedy troop all in one. Truly one of a kind. I encourage you to look us up on social networks and check out the volume and quality of our content.

Q. What type of comedy does The Comedy Train provide?

The Comedy Train touring comics perform adult comedy. PG13 is probably an accurate description. The Comedy Train recommends that you keep this in mind when considering the day and time of your “Stop”.

Q. You guys are great! Can you do a traditional comedy show?

Certainly. We’d be honored! Although we feel that The Comedy Train concept is more beneficial long term, we’re able and willing to help you reach your goals.

Q. Is this only for Restaurant and Bars?

We can do any event. Benefits, birthdays, private events. You name it. We can produce a show for you.

Q. What do I need at my venue?

Have an in house sound system? Great! If not, no worries. We travel with top of the line portable line array sound systems which can handle crowds of up to 500 ppl. Comedy shows are best run in a quiet area to allow attendees to give their utmost attention. Contact us to see if you’d be a good candidate.

Q. How do I get started?

Easy. Just contact us!